just a girl with the energy and passion to influence the world.



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life philosophy

Adventure. Always have a sleek business card. Advocate for the causes that ignite your heart. Clean water for all. Pursue your dream with relentless passion. Keep it simple. Elegance, transparency, innovation. Take the risk. Make time for fitness; increase your heart rate daily. Travel the world. Eat local. Splurge in moderation. Go for it. Have faith. Repeat all of the above. 


  • Event Lead at Crowdtilt
  • Co-founder | Complement
  • Director | HackCancer
  • Artist & Dancer | Champagne & Nettles
  • Champion Mentor | Groundwork Opportunities
  • Board Director | Cal Aggie Alumni Association

social justice

standing up for those whose voices need to be heard a little louder.

Groundwork OpportunitiesFalling Whistles | Sao Sary Foundation

*a portion of the proceeds from current photoshoots will be donated towards building a clean water well in Kampong Speu, Cambodia through GO and SSF.



San Francisco, CA

Twitter: @aTouchofAir
Instagram: aTouchofAir